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Now It’s Your Turn… 6 SEO Tips You Already Do That Boost Your Blog Traffic

SEO (search engine optimization) can seem like such a scary and unfamiliar thing to less experienced webmasters.  I know that I had been blogging well over a year before I even made an attempt to define it, much less implement good strategies on my blog.  SEO tips are out there by the hundreds some good, some great, some need-to-know, some not so need-to-know…

What I want you to know is that SEO isn’t scary.  It isn’t hard, it isn’t reserved for only those who can do techy stuff like build the back ends of websites or write HTML coding- SEO is something you probably do everyday without even thinking about it.
It’s doing these things consistently, and well that will help you to increase your blog traffic and drive more leads to your business.

6 SEO Tips You Already Know (And If You Don’t, Now You Do)

Content Is King (for the most part)

The first and best SEO tip is and will always be writing stellar content.  There is no substitute for engaging, information-packed content that compels your readers to do SOMETHING.

Creating fresh blog content is also key to SEO.  The more fresh content you can create, the more search engine crawlers will frequent your site.  It’s important to update regularly.  Content is truly king, and will have one of the biggest effects on not only search engine rankings but on converting that traffic into meaningful leads.

Commenting On Blogs Like Your Own

Comments on other blogs leave links. Links to your blog means relevance to those crawlers and increases your rankings.  The more relevant the site’s content is to your content, the more valuable the link.

Another great tip is to leave the link to the sitemap of your site, not your home page.  Since your sitemap is a page full of every link in your site, then all of those pages and posts benefit from the inbound link.  Gotta love that.

Choosing Keywords

Before I sit down to write a new blog post I research keywords that are relevant to the subject matter. It’s as easy as using Google keyword tool, typing in what you “think” you want to write about, and narrowing down the topic based on how many people are searching for it, and how many people are using the keyword.

The best keyword phrases to get for those of you with newbie sites and blogs, are those with high traffic and low competition. When you can find that keyword “sweet spot” then you’ve hit search engine ranking gold.

Social Media

I couldn’t possibly talk about SEO and not mention social media’s role in it all. Search engines are paying more and more attention to social media shares.
Why? Because search engines want to bring to you the most relevant content on the web.  What better way to determine relevant content than by weighing in on what “the people” deem relevant through social media?


Okay, maybe you didn’t know you needed a sitemap both a XML and HTML one, but this is one that you need to know, and now you do.  Here is an example of a HTML sitemap  It is a great way for your readers to find the older posts on your site too!
Need help creating one?  Here is the link to a great WP plugin that does all of the work for you.  You can thank me later.

Give Link Love, Get Link Love!

One thing I love about social media and blogging is the reciprocity effect.  When you share content freely, link to others generously, and support others without expecting anything in return guess what happens? -You get a huge return!
Share, share, share. It can go a long way when building links back to your site and sharing your links on social networks.

Pretty painless right?  You didn’t even know you were an SEO ninja did you?  Let us know what you think we would love to hear from you.  What are your favorite SEO tips?  Any other easy tips that you can add to this list?  Leave us a comment below.


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