Almost Free Copywriting. Because I Love It When You Love Me

Half Off All Copywriting Services When You Sign Up Below! Offer Ends Soon!

Hey there,

I love to write, you love to have great writing on your blog or website, sounds like a match made on the internet to me.

Because I value my loyal subscribers and readers, I decided to give a special discount to all new and existing subscribers.

So here it is. Take it or leave it. But I think you should take it. Because not only am I offering it to you half off of current prices, I am also raising my prices end of July. So seriously, now is the time. 🙂

Why? Because I can do that. Plus, I am getting super busy, and it’s time.

You can see all the copywriting packages HERE.

Sign Up Here To Get The Discount

What’s Next?

Hop on over to the COPYWRITING page and fill out the form with the option you want. In the message section simply write “new email sign up” and submit. Make sure the email you enter on the form is the same as the email you sign up on the list with.

Let’s do this. You rock. So hard.


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