6 Skincare Tips You Need To Survive The Winter

My first REAL winter was spent in and out of stores, buying product after product, and layering more shit onto my skin than should be humanly allowed…

And NOTHING seemed to work.

My face was dry, my cheeks were red and sore, and my skin was just so dull.

Because my skin was having such a hard time adjusting to the colder climate I really dug in to find things that I could do that would help to keep my skin with that beautiful summer glow all winter.

6 Skincare Tips You Need To Survive The Winter

Protect your skin

I know for me it seems like there is not much sun in the winter, and it’s no secret that we lose our tans and natural glow that the sun gives us. But we still need protection for our skin. Although the suns rays are not as harsh during the winter months, they can still cause damage.

Sun damage and exposure is the number 1 cause of premature aging and wrinkles. Don’t neglect to use sunscreen during the winter months.

Use a gentle cleanser

If you are still using a soap or foaming/sudsy cleansers, you may be doing more bad than good to your skin. This is especially true in the winter months as soaps and suds are particularly drying.

Try instead a gentle cleanser like this one. And don’t over-cleanse your face. Washing multiple times a day can also dry your skin. It’s also important to remember to stay away from the hot water as it will also dry your skin out even more.

Hydrate your skin

I don’t know about you, but my skin is sooooo dry all over during the winter. It took me a few NJ winters (not harsh but harsh compared to Louisiana) to find what worked for me. But those first few winters were so rough. Here’s one thing I learned:

You need a bomb ass moisturizer!

Initially I found what worked for me at Lush . Still works for me but the product was so heavy on my skin I would go to bed feeling greasy. Even with that it worked- and I will still use the moisturizer during the coldest times of winter.

I do recommend however, for the people who don’t like the heavier creams to try a hydrating serum. I’ve used this one from skinceuticals and I really liked it. It is super light but hydrating. I now use this one and I like it just as much as the skinceuticals, but this serum gives me a glow and I use it year round.

Replace moisture in the air

Invest in a humidifier. Humidifiers help to replace the moisture in the air. They are good for your skin, your sinuses, colds, and cracked lips.

Here are some good ones to look at


But not too much. It’s important to get the dead skin off, but it’s equally important to not over exfoliate. Choose an exfoliating cleanser, or a paste like this one that exfoliates and hydrates. You can rub it all over you body, and you should. Remember to do a little research on your skin type and make sure you are using the best exfoliator for your skin type.

It all starts from the inside

You are what you eat and it shows right through your skin. The other day my brother complimented me on my Vegan lifestyle. He said he could see a physical difference in me- my weight loss, my happiness, and MY SKIN. And this is coming from a man so that’s huge. Sure I have a great skincare regimen, but I also eat super clean.

And I drink lots and lots of water. <- please do this.

Other great foods to eat to help in your skin brilliance:

Avocado, Olive oil, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach- all great things to eat to keep your skin glowing. Some people even slather coconut oil on their skin. I’ve like the idea of putting coconut oil all over my skin prior to my shower. It helps me retain moisture and keeps my skin from drying out from the extra hot water I must shower in.



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