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I’ve Got A Social Strategy For You

social mediaSocial media is simple. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. I get asked a lot about my social strategy, and I’ve created social strategies for lots of brands and businesses.

Through all of it I’ve realized one thing, and its a great social strategy for you:

Be yourself, be human, be relatable.

Social is not about tricking people into liking you or retweeting you, or following. It’s simply about being social. Get it?

One of the most common misconceptions about social media:

One of the most common misconceptions about doing social media for business is that you can only talk about your business or your industry.

I’m sorry but if you’ve got a roofing business, like one of my clients, then there just isn’t that much to share (that is interesting at least) about roofing.

Whether I need a roof or not, I’m not sure I want the deets about it. I’d probably unfollow a biz about roofing if that’s all they talked about.

So what do I suggest my client talk about?

Let’s talk about the weather

No, not really, but you could. I did mention today on my Facebook page that is was a sunny 75 degrees outside and took a pic of my lounging in the sun as I worked (mostly to just make people jealous).

The most important thing you’ve got to remember when coming up with a social strategy is your audience. And this could vary depending on what social network you are on. Case in point I have about 60% male followers on twitter and on Facebook it is largely the opposite.

So,on Facebook I talk about kids, pups, being a woman biz owner, working from home, even reality TV (oh and I mix a little social media and marketing into that too). I get much higher engagement when I talk about life as opposed to social media or blogging.

Why? Because everyone can relate. They can jump into conversations about life. It’s being social, it’s being real.

So to recap

Social media is about being social first, strategic second.  Yes, there is a need to hire social media managers, and yes, we do know more than your average person.  But there is no substitute for being real and authentic.  Agree?


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