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Starting A Blog: Choosing The Right Hosting Plan

One of the first things you have to decide when starting a blog is choosing the right hosting plan.  If you are anything like I was starting out, you had absolutely no clue how to do this.  Chances are you opened up Google, typed in “what is hosting” and hoped for the best.  Well I’m glad you landed here because not only will I explain what hosting is, but walk you through choosing the right hosting plan for you.

What does hosting mean exactly?

Have you ever rented an apartment?  Well, hosting is much the same type of landlord/renter relationship.  You are basically paying to keep your files on someone else’s server.  Like owning the trailer but renting the land on which it sits.

A server is the computer hardware that provides World Wide Web services on the Internet, a Web server includes the hardware, operating system, server software, TCP/IP protocols and the Web site content. Web servers process requests from Browsers for web pages and serves them up via HTTP.

And that is the plain english version of what hosting is.  If you want to know more techy stuff like what an http and url is check it out here.

What are my options?

First you have to find a hosting company.  I am sure you’ve heard of some of the more popular ones such as GoDaddy or Host Gator, but there are endless options out there available right there at your fingertips you can search for local providers or go with the big names.

I’ve always used GoDaddy for hosting and here’s why


I’ve been using GoDaddy for years and I can only recall one or two times where I have called and had someone not be able to really help me with my problem (in which case I would hang up and call back hoping for a different tech).  Even the most silly, simple things  that I probably should know, I can call and they are alway happy to assist me.  24hrs a day 7 days a week.  Kudos.  I’m sorry, but this reason alone trumps all others.  I am a loyal follower, I will never switch.

That being said, let’s continue.

Picking the right plan: What you need and what you can live without

Let’s just say you decided to go with GoDaddy hosting.  Great!  Let me walk you through it. Follow this link–>Blog Hosting at And it will take you to a page like the one you see in the screenshot below.  They will have the “deluxe” plan highlighted for you.  Chances are, if you are just starting to blog, are not really selling anything directly from your blog (yet), you don’t need the deluxe hosting.  the economy hosting plan has plenty of space for you.  Remember, you can always upgrade to more space and a more extensive package if needed.  And really, unless you are selling something from your site, you don’t need an SSL (if you call GoDaddy, they will tell you as much).

















Choosing a hosting plan is really that simple.  But don’t get sucked into getting more than what you need.  You can always call the folks over at GoDaddy, they are extremely helpful and never try to sell you things you don’t need.  Got questions?  Leave them in the comments.  I am happy to help you through this process and don’t forget to check out Starting A Blog: Choosing Your Domain Name

Blog Hosting at

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