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Starting A Blog: Choosing Your Domain Name

Are you in the beginning stages of starting a blog and haven’t picked your domain name or hosting yet? Well, great! You are in the right place.  I will guide you through the process and hopefully help you to make your decision easier and well, fun too.

So here’s what you really, really need to know about choosing your domain name -fluff free.

Choosing your domain name: what to consider

Your domain name doesn’t always have to be the name of your blog

No, your domain name doesn’t always have to be the name of your blog, but it should be.  Whenever possible, make the two the same.

Make it as easy and memorable as possible

Short, sweet, and memorable.  Try to eliminate special characters such as dashes and underscores.  You want it to be easy for people to find you.

Make it relevant, but leave room to grow

Depending on your industry and how much of a niche you are in, you may want to consider not being too specific.  For example while setting up my social media management company I wanted to steer away from using the words “social media” in the URL.  Why? Because, though social media is great business, my end goal is to expand services that include graphics, marketing plans, and website design.  The social media seemed limiting to me.  Get it?

Make sure it doesn’t spell something funny

In one of my more recent business I polled my friends for great business names.  I was running into the problem that every great name I came up with, the URL was already taken.  Trust me that can get very frustrating.  My friend recommended that I just abbreviate the name of the business.  It spelled g-u-s… GUS… what in the world would a social media marketing company be doing with a URL that was someone’s name?  Exactly.

Make sure that your business name all jumbled together doesn’t spell something ridiculous or profane.  I’ve seen it happen and I always wonder if the owner knows they are cursing everyone with their domain. 🙂

The dot com debate

Originally .com was meant to classify what type of website you were visiting.  Com standing for commercial.  This original idea was not enforced and there are so many top level domains that are unrestricted such as .net, .org, and .biz.

Does it all really matter?  I like the dot com.  Can you have a dot net site that indexes just as well in search-yes, you can.  Your extension has nothing to do with your search engine rankings.  So why do I like the dot com? Because it’s easy and memorable( remember?).  And the simpler you can keep it, the better.

Jump in there!

I find the best way to get the ball rolling is to just jump in.  To sit behind your desk and dream up the perfect URL will do you no good if you haven’t even checked to see what is available.  Go ahead and open up and try some different names out in the domain search tool on the front page.  They will even give you some suggested domains based on what you searched for.


Choosing a domain name is one of the fun aspects of starting a blog but it is crucial that you choose something that you can live with for quite some time.  Hope this helps and as always if you guys have any other suggestions to add please do so in the comments.
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