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Starting A Blog: What’s Your End Game?

starting a blogSo you want to start a blog…

I can feel your enthusiasm. Your passion. You have this BRILLIANT idea. And it is definitely the next BIG thing.


I am not about to give you a “but” because I am willing to bet that whatever idea you have whirling around in your head is actually a pretty damn good one.

About this I have no doubts.

Most people who are interested in starting a blog have that  need to create their own outlet for their brilliant ideas. I do want to challenge you though.

What most of us creatives lack is organization and planning skills. (snore… I know, that’s boring stuff). I’m not going to ask you to make a plan of action, write a business plan, or create a schedule (whew, you can now breathe). What I do want to know is:

What’s your end game?

The truth is, you never know where life is going to take you. I mean my first blog was about dating and relationships. I loved it and it was my baby (until I realized that I knew NOTHING about dating or relationships). And eventually I moved on to other things.

Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself

Who am I talking to?

Who are you going to target? Who will be interested in your message? It’s important to get to know our audience, where they hang out, what they do, what they value. Thinking about this ahead of time will help you create content that is specific to them.

Remember, it’s all about them, not you. In the end, people will buy things from you because of what it can do for them. Help people first, then think about making money with your blog.

What is in it for them?

Why would anyone want to read your blog? I mean, I’m sure you are fabulous and all, but what of value are you providing to others? What will keep them coming back?

What do I ultimately want to accomplish? What’s my end game?

Starting a blog is easy, but it’s also easy to get burnt out. When you know your end game, or have some sort of clue about what you are trying to accomplish, it’s easier to measure success, it’s easier to “stay on the horse”.

You should also consider if you want to make money blogging or if you just want to do it for a creative outlet.


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