Starting A Blog: How To Write A Blog Post (And Not Suck At It)

Writing is easy.  Anyone can write.  Anyone can also sing.  But just like we ALL know that everyone who CAN sing doesn’t sing well, not everyone who can write, writes well.  And well, writing blog posts is a different animal all together.  Fortunately for you, once you learn how to write a blog post, it’s like riding a bicycle, you will never forget.

And just in case you’re one of those people who can write but not well, relax, anyone can blog.  You don’t have to be a greatstoryteller ornovelist to write great blog content, you just have to know how.  And here’s my easy guide to writing great blog posts-everytime.

Generating Topics And Keywords

It is essential that you began to keep an “idea bucket” or journal for writing down topics to blog about.  I talked before about the different types of blog posts you can write, use those ideas to help generate topics for your posts.  I also like to use sites like Trove, StumbleUpon, Digg, and LinkedIn Today, for inspiration.  Not only do they help you stay on top of industry trends, sometimes they spark ideas based on something you read, or you may notice something that is not talked about very much.

Another way to generate topics is to come up with a content strategy based on what you have to offer to your clients.  If you are selling social media services, then you need to think about what ideas will bring the right traffic to your site.

Developing Ideas Into 300 Words

Outlines are your friend.  If you are not a formal outline kinda gal, as I am not, use bullet points.  The main point here is to organize your ideas and prepare to expand upon them .  If you plan on making four main points about your topic, first lay those points out, on paper(or the screen) in what order you want to make those points.

This helps tremendously when it comes to overcoming writer’s block and will keep you from rambling on and not making clear, easy to understand and easy to scan, points.  Once you have your main points, or sub topics, then use as many words as you need to get to the point then stop writing.  Don’t stretch it out for the sake of writing more words.  People read easily scannable text on the internet.  They are less likely to read long and fluffed up info that could have been said in two sentences.


Creating Headlines That Turn Heads

The best resource for creating awesome headlines is in magazines.  Here’s a tip: pick up your favorite magazine, or just check out the ones in the check out line at the grocery store.  The people who write these are pros at creating headlines that draw you in.  Find a headline you like, then change the words to fit your content.  Try it! Super easy and helpful.

Simple headlines work too.  Sometimes you don’t need the flashy headline.  Don’t ever let writing a flashy headline get in the way of letting people know what the post is about in the headline.  That is always first.

Formatting Is King!!

No one wants to read a novel from their computer.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  Use headings and sub-headings.  Use numbers, bullets, anything other than just plain copy in paragraph form!  That is the quickest way to lose your readers unless they just really, really, really like you.

Make the key information easy to find.  Use italics, bold letters, underline something important.  Just make sure you don’t get too formatting crazy.  Keep it simple, but do use these tools.

Creating A Call To Action That Compels

Come up with one thing that you want your readers to do after reading your post.  ONE thing.  Like sign up for your email, or lead them to another post, or ask them to join you on Facebook.  Your call to action will depend on what your goals are at the time.  Don’t overwhelm people or give them too many choices.

Hope this all help you as you learn how to write a blog post.  It will get easier.  With anything, the more you practice, the better you will get at it.  Just get on the horse and go for it.  For more tips on writing great content, please feel free to join me in your inbox.  It’s free and why not? Let’s rock your blog together.

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