The 3 Key Ingredients Of A Killer About Me Section

The first thing you need to know about writing an about me section of your blog is this: It’s not about you!

I could end the post right there, but I’ll continue for 500 words’ sake.  Most people think when they set out to write an about me page that it has to be well… all about them.  

But I challenge you to think differently about this for a while.  In all honesty, why are people coming to your blog?  What was their purpose in searching for what you are offering?

It’s about them!

They are searching for answers to their problems.  It all comes back to them.  Not you.  It’s about providing solutions. And if you ever want to make money blogging, solutions is what you will need!

So how do you write an effective about me section but still keeping “them” in mind?

3 Components Of A Killer About Me Section

1. Be conversational, not stuffy or “professional”

Be yourself.  If it is just you, then say it is just you.  You don’t have to pretend like “we” have services when it’s just you.  Being authentic is very important because your readers will relate to your “realness”.  

They will say, “hey, this chick is not all different from me and she did it, so can I”.  Your about me section is the perfect place to be yourself and capture your audience.

2. Tell your readers who you are, but focus on how you can help them

A brief intro into you who are is necessary but remember to quickly bring it back to them.  No one really wants to know what kind of food you like, or how many dogs you have, or how many miles you can run… save it.  They want to know why you are relevant to their problem they are trying to solve-PERIOD.

If you must ramble on, link to another page that tells more about yourself.  I did that before in a previous blog where I created a post titled “25 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Me”.  For those who really wanted to know, got their fill, but meanwhile I kept my about page to the point.

Focus on how your skills will solve the problem that they have, why they should trust or believe in you, and what they will gain from your product, services, or your information on the blog.

3. Leave them with a call to action and a specific next step

Tell them what to do next.  Invite them to sign up for your emails.  Lead them to a series of posts that will keep them browsing around the site for a while.  Do both.  Give them a next step.  Now they know how you can help them, prompt them on to what’s next.  Always leave links to your content from your about page.

There’s so much to learn when starting a blog and writing your about me can be one of the most crucial pages of your static content.  Don’t forget to still consider SEO and use your keywords.

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