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Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

Marketing is all about selling stuff.  And as business owners, there is no business until we make a sale.  I’m not telling you to stop selling stuff, that would put you out of business, but I am telling you to stop marketing.

I want you to stop being afraid of selling, and fall in love with marketing in this new digital age.  I have this secret love affair going on now as we speak.  Why?  Because I have learned to stop marketing and decided instead to start engaging and make conversations.

The only way you are going to create a brand that people love is to first love the people your brand is targeting.  Think globally, think givingly, and base your business around how your products and services contribute and add value.  And that is what you will be sharing through your “marketing” efforts.

In this week’s episode of Rock Your Blog TV I am celebrating with you a very special moment in my life and also I am going to talk to you further about why I love marketing, and give you some tips on how to market your business.




Now here’s your challenge:

I want you to sit and think about your business.  Some of the questions I ask my clients are “what are you contributing to the world?”  “how is your business changing people?’ “how are you adding value to your clients lives?’

I want you to ask yourself these questions.  And then ask yourself why these clients you want to target would want to do business with you as opposed to someone else with a similar product or service.

This is where your marketing begins.

In the comments below share with me your business and the answers to the questions that I asked above.  I want to know what you are contributing and how your business is adding value.

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