5 Surprising Things That Make Your Blog Successful

angie m jordanEveryone wants to build a successful blog right?

If you are new to blogging you will quickly find out that if you build it, they will not always come, they will not always comment, and they will not always follow you on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.  

It can be frustrating to pour so much of yourself into something you believe in, be truly trying to help and enrich others, just to be faced with the reality that your blog is not getting the response that you had once hoped for.

A successful blog takes time to build but if you follow these basic principles you will create a blog that doesn’t just have a lot of traffic, but a blog that is a community and a place that readers will return to and eventually buy whatever it is you are selling or offering.  And in the end that is what you really want.  It’s the quality of visitors, not the quantity.

1. Create A Community

If you want interaction with your readers than you better get started creating a community.  Make your blog a place where people can come to learn from you, connect with others and the blog, ask questions and get real feedback from you and others.  

The goal is to get your readers to return over and over and to actually interact with you.  I give more specific tips on how to do that here. The best way to grow your blog audience is to make them feel like they are a part of something, a community.

2. Be Nice

Say thank you.  Respond to all comments-good or bad.  Reciprocate.  If someone comments on your blog and leaves their URL hop on over to their blog and show some love.  I like to install the plugin Comment Luv so that every commenter gets a link back to their most recent blog post.  That’s my little way of saying thank you and letting them link to my blog that has a good Alexa ranking which in turn will help theirs.

3. Be Authentic

Yes, you have to be yourself.  Use your name, be a REAL person.  People connect to real people, not companies with a logo (although it’s okay to have that too).  Being authentic doesn’t mean telling all your personal business.  Keep the personal sharing to a minimum, your blog should be focused on being informative, not on airing your dirty laundry.

4. Network With Your Competitors

This is such an amazing strategy to building any business. Gone are the days of sneaking around spying on your competitors or trying to “one-up” them.  Blogging is a community itself and regardless of what you are selling, teaching, or offering there are others who are doing the same thing or something similar.

In the blogging world it’s great to find people doing the same thing as you and connect with them.  You can help to support each other by swapping blog posts, featuring each others products, sharing ideas… there are enough customers and readers out there to share and by collaborating you can become more powerful and reach more people.

5. Be Helpful

What problem are you solving?  How are you helping people?  Please tell me you know the answer to this question.  People search for things on the internet because they are looking for the answer to a question.  Are you there to answer that question?  The key is to provide your readers with value.

So now over to you- what are some things you have tried to make your blog more successful?  What has been successful?  What has not?  How do incorporate these 5 elements to creating a successful blog on your own site?  I would love to hear from you and connect-leave me a comment!

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