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    Monday Morning Coffee: Is This Supposed To Hurt?

    I’ve been told that not everything in life can ALWAYS be fun. My response: Why the fuck not? Why should I be miserable, stuck in a job I hate, taking things “seriously”, and waiting for the weekends to be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy my family. FUCK THAT. We are surrounded by jerks everyday that tell us that “nothing worth while is easy”, “dreams don’t work unless you do”, “no pain no gain”… the list goes on. I want to drop kick these people in the face. HARD.

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    Building Your Blog, Business, And Reputation One “Thank You” At A Time

    If you want to know the BIG secret to building your blog or your business, I’ll tell you. Because it’s not nearly as big as when Milli Vanilli kept a secret that they weren’t really singing shit. Or how they lost their Grammy when everyone found out. (No this is not that kind of secret. And apparently they kind of sucked at keeping them). That was a serious secret. And I wouldn’t have touched that one. So maybe I lied a little. (oops) There is no BIG secret to building your blog or your business. It’s more like an easy thing you should be doing everyday but get so caught…

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    Why Blogging Is EVERYTHING

    I was 25. I hated my life. I felt like I was the one person on the planet that was good at a lot of things, but not great at anything. I felt like I was wasting my talents, whatever they were. Because my god, I had to be worth more than peddling Coach purses in the mall day in and day out. I felt like my genius escaped me. Whatever that was. I come from a nice family. No horror stories here, no super-poor, super-sad upbringing. Just good, decent parents. Both working decent jobs making decent livings. Enough to supply me and my siblings with everything we ever wanted…

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    5 Quick Tips That Make Blogging Easier

    Blogging can be tough at times. Like nights spent wanting to claw your eyes out because you have nothing left to say and cannot muster the strength or brain power to pump out not one single word more – yeah, that kinda tough. (I know this is not just me). Quit making it so hard! Not every post will be groundbreaking. Especially if you are writing one a day. Not every post will blow the socks off of everyone who reads it. Not every post will be your greatest. Give yourself a break. Blogging is about sharing ideas, it’s about connecting, it’s about giving. So cut the crap, you are…

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    How To Be Better Than Your Competition

    Here’s the truth: it’s not all that hard to be better than your competition. Because people are lazy. And business is a grueling battle where only the strongest survive. (Or the ones who actual work harder and smarter). Although working hard is a great way to get ahead, it’s not enough. You have to also be smart. That means you have to set up your biz in a smart way, create smart content, market smarter, and solve problems that will actually help people. (So much so they will actually want to pay you for it). Be intentional It’s not enough to slap together a blog and pump out tons of…

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    3 Ways To Add Value To Your Blog By Creating Content That Matters

    The content rat race… The man (or woman) with the most content wins. Wrong. I know you’ve heard that quality trumps quantity in almost every aspect of blogging and life. And this is true of creating content for your blog, no exceptions. The problem is no one tells you what quality content is. Because it’s not just a well written, well thought out post with no grammatical errors. (See, that wasn’t even a real sentence). ┬áNo, quality content is content that is intentional. It serves a greater purpose. This is the content you want to be creating, because not only is it good to have fresh content, but you want…