Choosing The Best Blogging Platform

This is a marriage. (But not the Hollywood sort.) Choosing the best blogging platform is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting a blog.

And choosing the best blogging platform is kind of like choosing a partner. (except you won’t have to do their dirty laundry).

The point is, this is serious, and if you want to run your blog like a business, or you are setting up a blog for your business, then you need a partner that will help you make more money.

That partner is WordPress. So get ready to fall in LOVE. [Read more…]

What Is WordPress? A Quick Breakdown Of The Fastest Growing Publishing Platform

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blog publishing platform that makes creating and maintaining a website or blog so easy anyone can do it.  It is the most popular blogging system on the Internet. WordPress is used by nearly 20% of the Alexa’s top 1 million websites and manages 22% of all new websites. vs. What’s the difference?

The difference in a nutshell is that the dot org version requires you to have your own hosting, which costs  money, you can have your own domain name that you own (ex. as opposed to, and you essentially have full control of your site to do what you want with.  Dot org is the blogging software, dot com is the blogging host.

The dot com version is a blog hosted on WordPress servers and is a little more limited as far as plugins, customization, and publishing.  The benefits of going with the dot com is that is practically impossible for you to muck it up.  It’s also a great way of testing the waters before you jump in and invest money ( although the cost of a self hosted blog is nominal at best).



3 BIG reasons why you should  be using WordPress

Easiest publishing tool available for blogs

WordPress is designed to be easy for even those who are just starting a blog and have no website/web design or publishing experience.  Choosing a WordPress theme and customizing colors and design is also fairly easy to do.  Trust me, if this is something that I could do, on my own, then anyone can do it.  Their are also plugins available(in the dot org version only) that help to create a more dynamic and interactive site.

Great SEO value

16% of the top 1 million traffic ranked websites by Alexa are run by WordPress and that number is growing fast.  Wordpress was create with SEO in mind.  Search engines can easily crawl and identify what the content is about because of the way WordPress is designed.

Easy to design and customize

From changing colors, to total customization- WordPress is super easy to make your own.  You can use a Framework such as Thesis, Genesis, or Headway (the top 3 in my opinion) and choose from themes they offer, or even hire someone to fully customize your site which is much cheaper than building a site from the ground up.


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Starting A Blog: Examining Motives And Debunking Myths

Pump the brakes.

Before you start a blog I want you to ask yourself one very crucial, very important, life altering (okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little) question:

“Why do you want to start a blog?”

Let’s take time for a gut check about your motives. It’s time to be honest and open with yourself because starting a blog is no joke. It’s about to get real. If your motives suck (basically if it’s all about personal gain) then what you are about to step into isn’t going to be very pretty. You will face the infamous “blog burnout” faster than you can say “making money online”!

The best blogs solve problems and provide resources. If you cannot do that, or want to do that… I hope you enjoy writing for free to an audience who enjoys reading, and not buying ;-)

Gut check time.

It’s a commitment to provide quality and add value. Are you truly up for that?

Blogging Myths:

Myth #1 If you build it they will come 

Who really believes this? I did when I was a blogging newbie. I had no clue how to,attract traffic, or how to write a decent blog post. All I had was WordPress and a dream. Then after receiving only 5 page views the first day I launched my site(from my mom, best friend, daughter, someone who stumbled upon it on the Internet by accident and only stayed one second, and myself)… Well, I realized that these thousands of visitors I dreamed of were not coming.

I will talk more about how I got them in the coming  articles of this series. I’ll give you a hint though… it starts with a “M” and ends with an “arketing”.

Building your blog takes strategic planning and marketing.  Don’t worry, by the time you finish reading this series you’ll be far more educated than I was starting out.

Myth #2 You will make money if you get traffic

All traffic is not good traffic. Well, I should say not all traffic makes you money. Sure it’s great to get more than 5 page views in a day, but what does it really mean if that traffic doesn’t convert into dollars for you? Zilch. That is what it means. Great content will grow your influence, The more you blog the more traffic you will get Another crazy idea. Sure, the more posts added to your site, the more chances you will have to be indexed by and found on search engines. But you can write every single day and not see the increase in traffic you are so longing for.

Quality over quantity-The Golden Rule Of Blogging.

Myth  #3 Content is KING

Content is important… and without it, you won’t have a very compelling blog space at all, but what is a KING without his royal court?  The king has no power or notoriety standing alone.

Same goes for content.

Content needs more.  Though blog content is important, without proper marketing and strategy, it will fall on deaf ear.


What are some blog myths that you’ve discovered?  Share your own thoughts in the comments.


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