The Dumbest Engineer I Ever Met

Sounds like an oxymoron. A dumb engineer. But I kid you not, this man was, by all my definitions of the word dumb, in fact dumb.  And I know dumb, because I crave intelligence.  I think smart is sexy, especially in a man as physically attractive as he was. But no such luck…  My luck, instead, is to stumble across the worlds most un-intelligent engineer.  Ever. I’ve got horrible luck.

He had rocks in his head– as my Aussie sister-in-law would say.

So why is he worth a blog post?

Because he is an engineer. And he is dumb. It’s a wonderful testament to perseverance. A great story that I just have to share.  You see I’ve learned a few things working for myself.  I’ve learned that talent is cheap, but talk is cheaper, that your circumstance don’t matter unless they matter to you, to ask for what you want, and to never, ever, ever, ever, give up.  EVER.

Talent Is Cheap, Talk Is Cheaper

Talent will only get you so far.  And that distance has nothing to do with how much talent you have.  You can have the greatest business concept ever and the best products and not make it.  Why?  Because all there really is, is HUSTLE.

Hustle or die. Tenacity, perseverance, blood, sweat, and tears… and believe me, there are tears. Talent means nothing.  Education means nothing.

This engineer didn’t even graduate high school, and finished his GED in jail… but more on that later.  Because although he was dumb as shit, he inspired the hell out of me.

Your Circumstances Only Matter If They Matter To You

He grew up on the streets, pants sagging, he embodied every stereotype of a common “thug” that you could think of.  And then some. I don’t know many successful people who can say that they’ve been to jail, or they didn’t graduate high school.  We usually know how that turns out.

This sort of makes me giggle because the circumstances that hold most of us back are nowhere near as debilitating as what this guy had.  We say we “can’t” because we don’t have enough time, or enough money, or we think we don’t know enough…. sounds so ridiculous when compared to coming from the ghetto, doing and selling drugs, landing in jail, and no high school education.

But still he did it.  He didn’t think about the reasons why he couldn’t.  He thought about what he wanted.  And that’s what he focused on. He cut his long hair, changed the way he dressed, and enrolled in college.

Ask, Ask, Ask, What’s The Worse That Can Happen?

We’ve got to learn how to simply ask for what we want, or when we need help.  When my engineer friend got to college, he was completely lost.  I mean he really never got much out of the couple of years he attended high school.  Have you ever seen an engineer’s curriculum in college? It’s some hard-core math and science…. (I changed my area of study in college because it was too hard for me).

What did he do?  First, he admitted that he didn’t know what the hell was going on.  Then, he simply asked for help.  He found that when he shared his story with his professors that they were more than willing to help, in fact, they rallied behind him.  They believed in him. They saw what I saw – perseverance.  And they were inspired.

What Separates The Winners From The Losers

It’s not talent, and it’s not smarts.  It’s belief, tenacity, and perseverance.  Hustle or die.  Seriously, I can teach you everything I know about internet marketing, and you can create the most amazing products to sell, but without hustle- you got nothing.

You can plan, but there’s nothing like action.  Nothing happens until you move, nothing changes until you do.

Okay, I think I’m done with my rant/moment of inspiration.  I’ve got work to do, and so do you.

Oh, and my engineer friend?  He’s happily making 80k a year in his first year as an engineer and although he misses his thuggish lifestyle, he is sticking to his newfound life and success.. I think he’s pretty freaking amazing.  And I think we could all learn something from him.







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