The Queen Series


Hey There. Love that you are here and that you feel called to activate your Queen self. I support the fuck out of you. Really, I do. I put these 5 recordings together for you, originally recorded on my Get Happy AF podcast here in one place to support you as you start the journey of getting unstuck and growing into the beautiful Queen that you are.


Use these recordings as ways to start reconditioning your mind, listen to them often, as repetition is key to transformation and growth and these recordings will support you in that.


Stop Letting Life Happen To You And Take Charge.

In the first episode in The Queen Series I talk about taking charge. It’s time to stop living your life passively, and actively choose into the life of your dreams.




Money, Money, Money!

I’m finally going there…. I’m talking about money! Why we need it, why we need to change how we think about you it, and how as Queens we NEED money!



Taking Care Of Your Goddess Vessel 

In this episode I talk about your health! Part of embodying your queen self is getting educated about our bodies and our health. Stop dieting, heal your shit, and commit to loving yourself through how you treat your body.


Grace, Permission, And Letting Go Of Judgement 

In this episode I talk about the importance of extending yourself grace, giving yourself the permission to full express your queen, and let fo of judgement.


On Becoming 

In this episode I jam on Becoming who you are, and living the fullest expression of who you are.