The Truth About Why I Went Vegan-*Ish*

Okay I’ll just jump right in and explain why I say Vegan-*ish*.

It’s because in general I don’t like labels. It’s so committal. And people who know me know that I am noncommittal- by far. I don’t like boxes, and I don’t like expectations and rules.

It sounds absolutely absurd- me saying it out loud. But it’s true.

The truth is, I do have a deeply personal reason for changing my diet. Other than the fact that I am seriously overweight.

It was August, I was just stepping off of a flight for a work conference. I got a phone call. It was my sister. The news she gave me almost knocked me off my feet- My dad had been diagnosed with cancer. I fought to keep that lump in my throat down and the tears from flowing out. I was around hundreds of colleagues and the last thing I needed was to have a breakdown. The only I wanted was to curl up into a ball and cry.

Truthfully, I was extremely ignorant. I knew nothing. It was almost like my dad had been handed a death sentence. This, as many of you who have experienced the “c” word know, is so far from being true.

Just like any person who experiences something devastating in their life, I was left wondering why? And how? And I wanted to know what to do next. I also have to say that this post is a gross generalization of my reason and of cancer in general- do your own research, I am just sharing the general reason why I made my decision. (Please do not comment to “educate” me).

*** disclaimer: I do not know the cure for cancer- or the cause… duh***

I just know that this jolted me, and it sent me searching for answers. And it also scared me deeply.

“Research suggests that only five percent of cancers are hereditary. That means the non-inherited causes of cancer — the lifestyle choices we make, the foods we eat, and our physical activity levels — have a direct impact on our overall cancer risk.

The American Cancer Society reports that half of all men and one-third of all women will develop cancer in their lifetimes. Do what you can to avoid becoming a part of these statistics. Take steps to reduce your risk for cancer now!” – an excerpt from preventcancer.org

It’s a lot to consider. A lot to think about. Only 5% of cancer is hereditary- that is a seriously high number of cancer cases that seem to be related to our lifestyle. Our choices do matter and one day we will all experience the impact of our choices. I just believe that the changes I am making are positive for me and MY health, I have personally seen and felt the results. And I am still on a journey to my best health.

Because… well, Cancer. And also, I want to feel great. I want my body to function at 100%, not the 45-50% that it usually runs on.

Since I started my mission to my best health. For me, what I felt right and what resonated with me, was to cut out meat and dairy. For you it could be something different. I don’t judge, I don’t expect everyone to eat the same as I do, I don’t think my way is the one and only- this is simply the way that I choose.

And I lost 25lbs in a month and a half. And I’m not tired and lethargic. And my skin looks fucking amazing.

AND… my shit doesn’t stink. (no seriously, I mean this literally)


Have you started a health journey recently? Tell me about what is working for you in the comments.


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