9 Essential Things Every Blogger Should Do

things every blogger should doThere are things every blogger should do and be doing.

That is if you want to be successful. Successful meaning getting the right traffic to do the right things once they get to your site.

Building a network

A bloggers network is golden. You should be active on social media talking, and more importantly, listening. It’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s about relationship building.

Your network can open doors for you that you can’t alone. It really is about who you know, and more importantly, you knows you.

Building an email list

If you haven’t began to build an email list then drop everything you are doing, go directly to Aweber (the email service I use and trust plus your first month is just $1)

When someone signs up for your email they are giving you permission to market them, to continue conversation, to keep them as a loyal reader and customer forever. (Or something like that).

Reading (like your life depends on it)

Reading is a big part of continuing to grow as a blogger and a business owner. It’s also a great way to be able to continue to generate ideas.

It’s also a great way to interact and get to know other bloggers. Make sure to leave comments on content you like and find valuable. It’s not just a ploy to try to build links, it’s a genuine way to build relationships.

Writing (like your blog depends on it)

If you are going to blog, you have to write. Unfortunately, writing doesn’t come so natural for everyone. That’s why you have to practice, you have to perfect your craft, and you have to create load of content. Loads. (Trust me, you’ll need it).

Content is the cornerstone of your blog, your marketing online and off, and it’s how you communicate your brand to your audience. 

Promoting products and services

It’s not sleazy or wrong to talk about what you are selling or what services you have the would help your readers. That is part of marketing. And if you are too afraid to talk about it, then who will? (answer: no one).

Interacting on Triberr

I love Triberr.  And if you are a blogger and have not joined, then you trust me, you will love it soon. You can request to join my tribe here

Check out the Triberr Blog for more about the platform and how it helps bloggers. 

Sharing content

Content is the cornerstone of your life on the internet, but it doesn’t have to all be your content. When you see good content and you know your readers will like it or benefit from it, then share it with them! 

Sharing is caring, plus it gives you a break from having to come up with so much of your own. 

Being on forums 

Sharing your expertise on forums is priceless for bloggers. It not only gives you a chance to connect with new people and build that network, but it gives you a chance to show what you know, be helpful, and also drop some of the valuable backlinks around the web 😉

I actually like interacting on forums and the questions people ask give me great ideas for blog posts! 

Guest blogging

I’ll be honest, I don’t do this as much as a used to. Why? Frankly because it’s time-consuming. But it is a great way to continue to build a following and network (there’s that word again).

Even if you shoot for one guest post a month (sounds manageable doesn’t it), that would be a great thing for you to try and accomplish.

One more thing

If you want to grow and learn as a blogger, then when you find content you like and blogs you like, then sign up for the emails. That way you can always be connected to great content. It’s what I do. 

You should too. Get started below. Because if you’ve read the article this far, you’re digging my content 😉 

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