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To Social Media, I Am Eternally Grateful…


Did you see my new Twitter course?

I am so excited about it I can hardly stand it, and even more excited about how many of you are signing up to be the first to get it.  Gratitude.  I am humbled always.  Thank you.

I love social media.  And I mean in a way that goes beyond Facebook posts, or Twitter timelines, or even cute Instagram pics.  My love for social media is not about spending countless hours sharing photos and posts my friends wrote, or keeping in touch with people I haven’t seen since middle school (although, you have to admit, that is pretty damn sweet).

Nope.  My love is deep.  Social Media changed my life.  It is the reason that I am where I am today.  It may be the reason you are connecting with me here today.  It changed me and it changed the world.  And for women, it gave us a whole new world with which to conquer.  And so many women are – I am loving it.

Before social media I hated my life.  I hated what I did, and I woke up every morning dreading work.  Well, not every morning but you get the point.  It wasn’t until I dove head first into Twitter in particular, that I discovered a whole new world.  The world of the internet entrepreneur.  A world where all you needed was a computer, and you could be your own boss.

I was hooked from blog 1, day 1.

As soon as I figured out that I could make money blogging (which I love doing), and actually helping other people I was sold.  And somewhere since then came, which will forever be mine 🙂 and the hub for everything that I do.

And that’s why I am so happy to release my Twitter Swag course.  Because that’s where I started.  That’s where I first saw the world in a different, and very unlimited way.

The world is at your finger tips.

So to social media, I am eternally grateful…





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