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27 Not So Obvious Truths About Blogging

truths about bloggingThere are some fundamental truths about blogging you will need to know and except if you are going to be a contributing member to the blogosphere. 

I left my filter at the door and tried to be as honest as possible, because in all honesty, all we have are those who’ve already done what we want to do. We trust what they say and hope that it will give us SOMETHING to hold on to.

Mostly we just want them to say what we want to hear.. (which is that its easy, quick, rewarding, fun, etc…)

And though I know some of you have already discovered some of your own truths about blogging, I doubt that they will be the same.

Okay enough rambling, you get the picture. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

27 Not-So-Obvious Truths About Blogging


  1. You will feel like giving up
  2. You will forget why you started at some point (at said point is when you need to remind yourself)
  3. You will experience blog envy- the feeling that someone’s blog is better than yours (guess what? There are lots of blogs better than yours… Moving on)
  4. You will feel completely out of ideas to write about.. At some point.
  5. You won’t get more traffic to your blog by sitting on your ass
  6. You will have to promote the shit out of your blog and yourself
  7. You’ll misspell something or have a typo and some know-it-all will get pleasure at pointing it out to you.
  8. You’ll get pissed off
  9. You’ll hate your work
  10. You will feel like giving up… Again
  11. Longer isn’t always better, neither is shorter
  12. There are no rules about how often you should blog, but consistency is a MUST
  13. You will hate me for telling you that you won’t make money from your blog, but your business (which can be your blog) will make money
  14. It will seem like it comes easier to others (it doesn’t and I’ve been at it for YEARS)
  15. You will have to ask for what you want
  16. You will have to think of your blog as a business if you ever plan on making a business out of your blog (make sense?)
  17. You will need contracts
  18. You have to actually be social on social media… same for your blog and on other blogs too.
  19. Someone will disagree with you
  20. Someone who disagrees with you will let you know right on your blog where everyone can see it
  21. You won’t make everyone happy (this includes yourself at times)
  22. It takes more than clever ideas to keep a blog afloat (this is where I come in)
  23. Hiring a coach for your blog will automatically make you smarter (not really but kinda because it will expedite your blog greatness)
  24. You don’t have to like everything you write, sometimes you just have to put it down on paper
  25. Your mom will NEVER understand what you are doing (ever)
  26. You will feel like a second-class citizen when someone asks you what you do… (I still do at times)
  27. If second-class citizen means living and working by your own rules while making an impact… I’ll take it!

And the biggest truth is this: You cannot do it alone. You will need a network, you will need to help others before they will want to help you. You will have to realize that it’s not all about you and at the end of the day, no one cares about you or what you have to say.

They care about how you can help them, or how you are making an impact, what you are contributing…

Chew on that.

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  • Jeevan Jacob John

    Hey Angie,

    First time on your blog, and this is great!

    These are hard core truths about blogging. It’s hard and it does time time and effort to achieve your goals. In a way, I am glad that blogging is hard. Blogging taught me a lot about real life, about things such as persistence, hard work and of course, quitting. That’s one thing I would add to the list. Sometimes, we do need to quit; we need to find better ways to achieve the same goal (or perhaps find a better goal).

    I do agree with your points here (Except for 26 – I don’t care much about what the society thinks about me (especially on issues such as this), so I never had a problem with that. But, you do address it in #27).

    Anyways, thanks for the post 🙂

    • Angie M Jordan

      Thanks Jeevan and welcome to my little space on the web! You are spot on about blogging teaching real life lessons. It soooo does. I know since I started my blogging journey years ago I have learned so much, not just about life, but about myself. But it was all worth it, I am happy and I get to do something I truly love every single day!

      I am so glad you found my blog! I love making new friends!


  • Stephanie

    I love your honesty Angie! I find making small goals for myself a good way to keep going. Also once you begin to build a following I think it becomes easier to blog regularly. Or maybe I’m just addicted? Thanks again! Your blog is awesome.

    • Angie M Jordan

      Your welcome Stephanie! I think that it’s impossible to blog if you aren’t addicted in some way! And also yes I think you are right, once you have people who are actually interacting with you and rooting you on, I think it does get a little easier!



  • Bobbie

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog….love your honesty and you will have a reader in me going forward. My blog have been up for 2yrs now, but I have not been real consistent, but I really want to and I’m going to put more effort in to doing so, because its what I really want to do.Reading your blog will make me get on the ball with my blog more…Thank you!

    • Angie M Jordan

      Aww HEY Bobbie!! *waving vigorously with one hand coffee in other from Jersey* I am glad you found me too! And thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate the feedback.

      You are absolutely right, consistency is the key. You have to be consistent first, then you can work on monetizing and building a brand etc. The one who is consistent FIRST wins. (My own little blogging for cash proverb I just made up).

      Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything EVER. I’m always glad to be of help in any way that I can!

      Cheers (raising coffee mug),


      • Bobbie

        HEY!!! waving* back from the ATL!!! Aww…Thank you for offering to answer any questions I may have, because I have them, but I won’t bombard(just kidding, lol)you this holiday weekend! When your time permits check out my lil baby (blog)*smile*

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