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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business

turn your blog into a businessBy far the most common question I get asked is how to turn your blog into a business.

And rightly so, for those of us who love to blog it’s only natural to want to make a profit doing something that we are passionate about.

It’s not necessarily an easy answer and how much bloggers make can vary wildly, but there are a few things that kind of have to happen in order for you to ever make any serious money from your blog.

Think about your blog as a business

Most times the only difference between being an amateur and a pro is your mindset (and of course pros get paid by definition).

You have to stop thinking of your blog as “just a blog” and actually think of it as a business. Meaning sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to, when you don’t want to do them. Because they (your audience/customers) are expecting results.

You have to show up EVERY.DAMN.DAY.

No exceptions. That’s what real business owners do. They show up. (That’s just for starters).

You should be educating yourself about business too, not just blogging. You should get an LLC or whatever type of business it is you want, define your business structure, your products and services, even write a business plan.

Not only are these things helpful, they are simple things you can do to switch your mindset and get you thinking “business” and not just “blogging”.


Sell something

Businesses sell stuff. Whether it’s a product or service it’s something. You should too. There are several different ways that you can make money from your blog, but in these times you really need to SELL something in order to make a profit you can live with.


Build a following

Your following will be your blog’s lifeblood. And I don’t just mean your numbers, I mean how many people you truly engage.

Can you turn someone into your brand ambassador?

Does your audience believe in you and thus trust your products and services?

Need help building a following like that? -talk to people. Yes, it’s that simple. You have to talk to people, you have to care, you have to be engaging, you have to ask questions, and there is no getting around this.


Now I have to ask, how many of you have successfully turned your blog into a business? And if so, what where the things that helped you be successful at it? Please share with us all below! 


  • Brad

    Angie – you are right on the money here! Show up every damn day – treat it like a business. It isn’t just a blog anymore – it is the real deal and can generate sufficient revenue to support you an many others as well. Look at the Huffington Post. A blog gone wild and successfully too. So you be there will be sometimes when you have to do things you don’t want to, when you don’t want to do them. The answer is tough – do it and succeed. Don’t and watch your business quickly turn into a hobby and a long term time suck – if you spend time on it at all. Stay the course with work and passion for your profession (blogging) and it will repay you over and over. Don’t you agree?

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