Starting A Blog: What Is Blogging? And Why You Should Be Doing It

The bottom line is that blogging is like sex.  You can’t fake it.  You can’t fake passion.  You can’t fake wanting to engage with the public. If you do, it will ultimately become an unsatisfying experience for the blogger and their readers. – Kevin Anderson

What Is Blogging?

There are over 150 Million blogs out there on the Internet and they continue to grow in both volume and value.  Blogging comes from the term “web log” and is like an online diary.  A blog is characterized by frequently updated “posts”.

A blog post is an article about a particular topic ranging anywhere from 300-1000 words.  People blog about everything from cooking to politics to social media.  It’s as easy as saying what’s on your mind, or informing people about currents events, or even sharing your favorite recipe.

There really is no right or wrong way to blog.  However, depending on your blogging goals and reasons for starting a blog there are rights ways to accomplish what you are setting out to achieve through blogging and make your website more visible.

 Starting a blog is super simple these days which is one of the contributing factors for the large volume of blogs on the Internet.  There are 31% more bloggers than there were 3 years ago.  There are great publishing platforms such as WordPress(my personal fav), Typepad, LiveJournal, and Blogger that make blog publishing really easy.


Why Blog?

To really answer the question, “what is blogging” you have to umderstand the purpose of a blog.  A blog can serve several purposes:

blogging for business

There are those blogs that exist soley to help promote and sell a businesses products and services and generate more traffic to a company’s website increasing lead generation and conversions.

businesses with blogs generate 55% more website visitors. That is hugely significant! The changing of search engine algorithms is largely responsible for businesses blogging.  Search engines love fresh, frequently updated, keyword rich cotent.  They also love inbound links which good blogs attract.

In order for businesses to be more visible online, they’ve had to adjust their marketing strategies to include blogging and SoCal media.

personal blog

Some people just have a lot to say.  My first blog was just an online diary.  I shared my dating stories and life experinces with the world,grew a community, and made connections that will last forever.

Some people like to share their experiences with others to help them or keep them from making the same mistakes as they have in life.  Personal blogs are very popular on the Internet.

when blogging is your business

Blogging can be your business, meaning you can make money blogging, from your blog, and from any products or services you sell on your blog.  This is tricky and there is no exact science to how much money you can make, but lots of people have made blogging their business.

Bottom line is blogging can be a vehicle to get more exposure for your business, help you connect and make new friends online, become a second source of income for your and your family, turn your passion into money… it can open doors for you that you would have never dreamed.


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    • ajorda2 says

      Yes Paul so true! If you don’t have a blog… It’s tough to make it in this digital age! Plus blogging is fun and opens up so many doors! Who wouldn’t want to do it?

  1. says

    Great post, Angie. I think the market for blogging-as-business has diminished tremendously and is a very competitive, overcrowded one. Doesn’t mean you *can’t* make a buck from a blog, of course – just means you have to be super-smart about how you go about it, and what traffic you go after. I do think that the folks who are going to be successful now and in the future are those who are building a platform to support their written content, thus using blogging as a springboard to self-publication. With Kindle and other self-publishing e-book options, it’s never been easier to be your own publisher. Of course, you have to make sure you have a solid, valuable, pristine “product” – but that’s always been true. :) Rock on!

    • ajorda2 says

      I agree Annie! It is extremely overcrowded and the way to go is definitely digital products! It’s about using the blog to market your skills and create products(books/courses) that you can sell for income. And yes, quality product that serves a need is and has always been key!

  2. BarbaraJPeters says

    Thanks for sharing yor knowledge and information on blogging. It is important to knwo why you are blogging and what your purpose is.

  3. says

    Angie, This was a clear explanation of the basics of blogging. It would have been inconceivable to me even 5 years ago that someone would seek out my story online. Things have really changed!

  4. says

    Angie.. I can fake sex? Oh, wait, those are orgasms. :) Seriously, you make some great points here. I have seen people in the past push stuff out just to push it out in a blog post. But if you truly have the passion, as you mentioned, people can see that and read it,.,. usually. Some good info here.. :)

  5. says

    Love it that you share the difference of personal blogging and blogging for business so clearly. I started out on a personal blog but now I blog for business…thanks Angie

  6. says

    I think most people eventually realize that their blog will not generate money until it is tied into a solid value-offering sales funnel. Great article on sharing the how’s and why’s, Angie!

  7. says

    It’s totally astonishing to me that back in 1997 there were website creation tools (in fact, powerful enough for most people to be able to blog with) and 15 years later, we’re still talking about it like it’s a new thing.

    Blogging is certainly nothing new, but the adoption by business folks certainly is a lot slower than any of us professionals would like. Web design and development took some major leaps forward, but I think many businesses still see “blogging” as a fad or something you do when you have a lot of cats.

    Only 25% of business owners said their blog was critical to their business. 25%? Something’s wrong there (

    Anyway, just something worth mulling over.

  8. says

    O.M.Gosh!!! I love you!!!! Seriously all these How to start a blog posts are amazing! I just stumbled across your blog as I was googling “how to write a blog tagline,” and now I’m hooked! I want to spend all day reading these posts!… too bad I have a screaming baby upstairs right now that I have to get to… Rest assured, I’ll be back! :)


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