What JLo Can Teach You About Business

You don’t build a multi million dollar empire without learning a thing or two about business.  Her accomplishments alone tell you that she has worked her behind off for what she has.  No one gets where she has without a little blood, sweat and tears- especially in that industry.

I’d never given a second thought to this JLo character, I have a natural aversion to idolizing celebrities, until today actually.  I was watching some mindless reality TV, something I do when I am working sometimes, and an interview came on with JLo.

She is on her world tour right now, and apparently knocking everyone dead.  Go girl.  I don’t even remember what the question was, but I will NEVER forget her answer.  It was one of those epiphany-ish moments and stopped me dead in my tracks.  I had to write this tonight, I just had to.

 This is what she said (and I’m paraphrasing):

” Of course there are lots of things to do when you are on tour and I indulge myself in some of those things, but the show comes first.  I focus on doing things that will enhance my performance, not take away from it.  I don’t want to cheat the fans out of anything.”

This is what I learned:

WOW.  Take a moment to think about what she just said.  “The show comes first”.  Guys, those are her clients.  Those are the people who are looking to her to deliver what they want.  Despite her fame, the hype around her, and I’m sure the crazy schedule she has, she still has the presence of mind to “get” what it is all about.

That’s focus.  Now let’s turn this back to you. You see JLo has the mindset of a pro, not an amateur.  A pro does what they have to do and stays focused.  A pro makes decisions in their lives that positively affects their business.  No matter what, we should be focused on our business and what best serves our clients.

When you are operating at 100% you are what’s best for your clients.  Your health, your mental and emotional state, your peace and clarity of mind- all affect your business.  JLo learned this somewhere on the way… and I am sure she is not the only successful person to learn this lesson.

Put your potential clients first and treat every interaction as golden.  Prepare like you have a million people depending on you to show up, and show up in a major way.  You see this mindset is what sets apart those who are pros (and making money) from the amateurs (those not making any money).  Remember that.

Now here’s your challenge:

Think about the ways in which you are not so excellent in your life, which remember translates to your biz, and then in the comments share with us some action steps or some things you will do to begin acting more like a pro in your life and biz.  Remember, pro’s make the money!  Don’t be share below!

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  • Nick Armstrong

    The “rockstar” life style is anything but for consummate performers.

    I don’t necessarily treat every interaction with someone like they’re going to buy something from me, but I always treat those interactions as if I might have something that can help that other person.

    This same rule can apply to all sorts of things: workaholics (too tired to do good work), the lazy, and so on.

    Great post, thank you for sharing!

    • ajorda2

      Yes, the same rule can apply to all sorts of things. It’s about making sure you are at your best so you can give your best. it’s a great premise to live by in business and life. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts Nick!

  • susan wilson

    Angie, Happy Birthday – how’s the new decade so far? J Lo definitely can teach us some things – I’ll never forget her role in the movie Enough. She has a single goal, and focuses on all the details to make it happen her way. This reminds me to check in daily with my clients and future clients via all the social media outlets available. I have not been consistent, and that does not reflect my priority. Thanks for the reminder Angie.

  • Andrew Spencer

    Thanks for this interesting post. Clients have to be treated as gold in any situation new or old. The relationship you have with them fertilizes growth opportunities for the future of your business. I at times struggle with over thinking a project instead of keeping things simple and clean.

  • Jennifer G. Hanford

    Nice post, Angie! I especially agree with your sentence: “Put your potential clients first and treat every interaction as golden.” It’s something that I take seriously and think clients appreciate it in the long run!

  • Doina Oncel

    There are many artists that we can learn from such as JLo and JayZ to name a few. Although their type of work is entertainment, the business mind comes first and that’s not too entertaining for most people. I see many that want to start a business because they are “tired” of their boss telling then what to do. They also hear from others how being an Entrepreneur or a business owner gives them the flexibility to work their own hours and do what they want. They see the lavished life and think that working for yourself is the same as popping bottles like a G6. We, the ones that have been there, know that working for our-self means working harder than working for others. Long hours, sweat, stress and losing friendships is what we pay with to have a business. I am not trying to scare others but it’s reality, at least it is mine.

    Putting our clients first is one of the most important task we must follow in business otherwise it will not work. Our business is not about us, but about them. Yes, there are a few out there that we absolutely cannot work with, but for the most part, we have to put our clients first and offer them a service that they need. After all, isn’t that why we created our business, to fill a need?

    Great post Angela. Thank you!

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