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When Life Gives You Lemons, Mix With Vodka (on the rocks)

home page icon 3I’m going to tell you exactly how you are going to get through the tough times of life (and business).

It’s got a lot to do with growing a pair, but more to do with vodka. Or wine, but you can’t mix lemons with wine… Oh nevermind..

Bottom line: shit gets real. Running a business is not for the faint of heart, blogging is for bosses, and you either go BIG or go home on the Internet.

You are one in a sea of many.. Don’t believe me? Go play on StumbleUpon for 5 minutes… You’ll see.

Persistence pays off… But only if…

Persistence is great. Keep trying, I’ll be your number one cheerleader. Really I will. But at some point I’m going to slap you and tell you to wake up and face reality. Because it’s not enough to be persistent. And the definition of a lunatic is someone who does the same thing over and over again expecting different results… are you a lunatic in business?

Are you learning enough?

If you want to make it online, and I know you do, you’ve got to continue learning and growing. Don’t forget to invest in yourself. And sorry to say, sometimes that takes money.  Funny how we find the most ridiculous things to spend our money on, but when it comes to investing in ourselves we all of sudden become frugal Freds.

Invest in you and your business.

Believe in yourself when no one else does

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does, that’s what makes you a winner” -Venus Williams

You get what you expect. If you think you are going to lose, you are going to lose. It’s almost impossible to get up everyday and run a business if you are a Debbie Downer… and if you don’t truly  believe, just quit. Save us all the drama.

Celebrate your success

THIS… is the most important. because when life gives you lemons it’s so easy to forget all of the wonderful things that you have already accomplished.

So you’ve got to celebrate the shit out of the stuff that goes right. Especially small successes, because it’s the small successes that lead to the big success.  Set goals and when you achieve, add vodka. Or wine. Wine works too.

Keep a victory log. Give yourself a gold star. Make your mom and dad take you out to dinner and tell them about it. I do this all the time and most times they don’t even understand what I really did that was so great, but I reached 1,000 email subscribers in less than 6 months… I’m celebrating. They had no clue what that meant.

Still I got a steak and a dinner party from it, so I remember it well. Keeps me motivated.

On growing a pair…

Mantras saved my life. Get yourself one. Burn your journal. Burn it. It’s probably just one big pity party.

Get better friends. Meditate.

Work on changing your thinking. Change your thinking, change your life.

What this has to do with blogging

EVERYTHING. Because you can’t build shit online if you can’t handle a few lemons coming your way. It takes guts. It takes heart. You can’t grow a blog, build a business, or do anything productive in life if you can’t push through.

Let’s recap

Persistence is essential but so is learning. Believing in yourself is non-negotiable. Your successes should be acknowledged, celebrated, and noted accordingly(accordingly meaning treat yourself). Get a mantra, some new friends, and watch what you think about yourself.

Oh and don’t forget the vodka. Because without it, the lemons are essentially, just lemons.



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