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When Social Media Is Bad For Your Business

social mediaOkay I get it. Social media is here to stay. It’s not even really social media anymore, its just the Internet. It’s how we communicate, it’s how we do business-we are social, it’s natural.

I know I’ve shared with you how social media can grow your blog and business, and I know you’ve heard that both you and your biz should get social. Both true. But right now I want to talk about when social media is bad.


Yes, getting social is sometimes not all that its cracked up to be.

You focus on the wrong numbers

I could care less how many people you have following you on twitter. What are you doing with them?

Regardless of what people say, there are things you can measure when it comes to social media. For one thing, you can measure your traffic. Are you even getting traffic from your social sites?

Another thing you can measure is conversions. If you are tweeting links, you can track how many people click those links and then how many people take the action you are wanting them to take-like email signups.

Are you building a community of engaged followers? It’s one thing to have a “following” but are they engaged with what you are saying? Are you influencing them?

Quick tip: using facebook groups and google+ communities are great ways to grow a community and influence join mine here and here

You spend more time tweeting than building your biz

I call this social media-itis. It’s when you spend so much time focused on social media that you forget to sell.

You neglect your products and services, you neglect the marketing strategy. You’ve turned into a social media-alite. Everybody knows you and talks with you, but no ones buying squat from you!

Building your biz starts with great products and services. Even if your are on a mission to make money blogging, information should not be the only thing you are selling.

You neglect your social media and you look like an idiot

Okay so you’re focused on your products and services.. And once upon a time you did the “social media thing”, but that took too much time soo…

Now your shit is a wreck.

You’ve got profiles that are incomplete, links that don’t go anywhere, you haven’t updated in months…

You need a serious social media makeover.

Guess what genius? Whether you like it or not, people are watching you. If you had a traditional brick and mortar biz and the outside of your building looked like it was about to collapse, not many people would be wanting to go inside and see what you had. No matter how great your product or service was.

If you don’t have time, hire an assistant, get an intern, spend 15 minutes a day doing something!

Note: this goes for your blogs and websites too people… You don’t have to be a graphic designer to have a clean, neat, and updated, easy to navigate blog.

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