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Do You Know Who Is Reading Your Blog?

It’s a legit question.  And you “should” know the answer but that doesn’t mean that you do.  Lets fix that.  The truth is, most people have no idea what they are doing when they are starting a blog.  They don’t know why they should be blogging, who they are targeting, or how to attract the right audience.  If you know who is reading your blog now, then you will also know if you are targeting the right traffic, and if your methods are working.  You do have a strategy don’t you?

I’m sorry but simply wishing and wanting to attract a certain audience to read your blog isn’t going to get you anywhere. You should know three things:

Who you want to read your blog

How you are getting them to read your blog (your strategy for marketing)

Who is actually reading it

Lets explore the first question:

Who do you want to read your blog?

What are you selling? Who needs it? Basic principles of marketing-filling a need and reaching people willing to buy it.  Remember that even if you don’t have an actual product (which you should) that information can serve the same purpose. Who wants/needs the information you are providing? I talk a bit more about this when I discuss creating a blog tagline. If you don’t know this one fundamental thing, then you won’t be able to attract the right traffic.  It’s like taking a road trip with no destination and expecting to arrive there.

What’s Your Angle?

You should have a strategy in place as to how you are going to attract this visitor to your blog.  SEO for your blog, developing a content strategy, social media, and email marketing should all be a part of this strategy.  How are you going to get your content to your intended audience?

Who Is Reading Your Blog Now?

Are you measuring your results?  The only way to measure results is to have goals ;-). Are your marketing efforts producing the desired results? Are you attracting the right audience? Using google analytics can help you  determine if you are actual getting the response you wish from your efforts.  If you want to know who’s reading your blog, you need to dive into the analytics.  Where is your traffic coming from? What is the demographic information?

Asking yourself these questions will help you fine tune your strategy and gain more targeted traffic.   So… who is reading your blog?  If you need help developing a strategy for your content download a free content development worksheet here.


  • Kate Hall

    Ya know, I’m using GA, but I had an issue a few weeks ago where someone in Russia (thats what it looked like anyway from my map) was clicking on one of my particular posts, and I had like 200 hits on that one post over a few days. It was an obscure post that shouldnt have gotten so many hits. The day after that started all my stats deteriorated on GA. Now, the most unique visitors I’ve had in the past two weeks is 12 and it’s been as low as 2, which isn’t true bc I’ve received more comments than that on those particular days. I was averaging 40- 70 before this happened. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Doina Oncel

    I agree with you when it comes to having a strategy in place to help figure out who is reading your blog and most importantly to figure out who you are creating the blog for. As we know, content is king (or queen) and that really helps with creating that traffic that any blogger is looking for. As for Goggle Analytics, they help but there are other resources out there that can help in a more targeted way for a serious blogger.(Kissmetrics is a good one

    Great post! Got me thinking of putting some more strategies in place for my own blog.

  • Nick Armstrong

    While analytics can help on a lot of this, specialized targeting and landing pages can help even more! 🙂

    I once asked the Playboy marketing director why, when a user went from a Pinterest pinned article (the two I can remember were one on vintage cars restored and another was on power suits) back to their site, they didn’t have specialized advertisements for that audience.

    I never received an answer, but by my estimates they’re throwing away LOADS of ad revenue from that simple, fixable mistake.

  • Tom Crawford

    Here are a couple of things I do to learn more about my users:

    1. Track my sign-up forms. I have 3 on my blog, and each has a unique code, so I know which converts best.

    2. Analytics is OK, but I prefer to use clicky. Since I started using it, I have gained a lot of more specific data about the readers of my blog, where they come from, how long they stay etc. I find it much easier to use and gain insights from.

    Thanks for your advice, Angie.

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