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Why Content Is King

Why is content king? What’s content exactly? And what does your content say about you?

Content sells. I recently had a conversation with my 13 yr old niece about blogging. She started her own blog about 6 months ago and was asking me some “tricks” to get more traffic.

My answer? There are no “tricks”. Marketing is not about gimmicks, red writing and highlighted text… Please, that’s becoming extinct like the dinosaurs. Getting traffic is about sharing. Sharing content, sharing your voice, sharing your time, sharing your gifts.

Write what you love, from the heart, and be helpful. Sure there are more in-depth things that I could have shared with her about SEO like link building and keywords, but it all starts with sharing great and helpful content. From that you can build and develop strategies to target certain audiences and so on.

Content is not king because of its SEO value, which is how I used to think. Content is king because of its value-period. You will grow, or not grow, based on your content.  The more value you add, the more effective your content will be.

My niece looks at me and says, “what is content?”. Once again, think bigger. Content is anything you say in any form of media. It’s your blog posts, your videos, your social shares, what you say on social media, what’s on your business cards…. It’s a lot, and that’s why I recommend developing a content strategy.

Your content is your brand, its your message to the world and your potential clients. What is it saying about you?

*Content alone is not enough.  If no one is reading your content, then it is essentially useless. This is where marketing comes in*


Developing great content is truly the most important part of being successful at blogging or business. Having a content strategy is a great way to help you keep your content golden. I’d like to help.  Enter your email address below and download your free content development worksheet.


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