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Why Marketing Yourself Works

Someone once told me, “Focus on marketing your brand, keep yourself out of it.” This of course was after a conversation where I dished all about my plans to market myself on the internet.

Although I took this matter-of-fact information as kind of a knock to my pride it didn’t deter me. I noticed a trend in the industry-people were just being themselves. (What a thought).

When I visited sites I loved I noticed that instead of people pretending they had a huge corporation, they simply shared as themselves. I saw pictures of the people who owned these sites, some even shared family photos, I knew their name, I felt a personal connection.

In short, people were cutting through the bullshit and just being real. I found it refreshing. So began my journey of marketing myself.

Why marketing yourself works

A year ago I was a part of a social media duo that managed social media accounts, built websites, wrote content, and helped folks with SEO. It was a partnership that I thought would never end. I loved my biz partner. Really she was like a mother to me.

And then one day, the dynamic duo ended. We broke up, which happens a lot in biz guys, and I was cut out of the biz and on my own. (To this day I’m not really clear why, but lets continue).

While one half of this biz I had begun to grow my own presence online. I even had this site already going. Thankfully, I was just able to pick up and run with what I had. But I couldn’t help but think,

“What would have happened if I had not been building my presence online?”

Marketing yourself gives you options

I can do anything. No I’m not just being positive, I’m serious. I have options. I can create whatever I want with my own little space of the web. (Do people still say web?). I like the freedom.

I don’t have to stick with one topic necessarily. I don’t just have a social media blog. I can talk business, blogging, marketing, and social media. I can also talk about me-although you’d be very bored with that for sure!

Marketing yourself is your résumé

Your online presence is your résumé. Especially when you are in marketing. If you’ve got no clout (I mean literal Klout), then I probably wouldn’t even consider you for a position with me.

On the other hand, if your presence is strong, then it looks really good to employers.

Marketing yourself helps your brand

Even of you do have a brand that is outside of yourself, being the face behind the brand is always a good idea. It will make your brand more personable and people will find it easier to connect with your brand if it has a face

To learn more about how to market yourself read this.

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