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Why Social Media Is Important

There are always a few who are slow to adopt.  And consequently, they get left behind.  This is true when it comes to social media.  People are still wondering why social media is important to their business, and if they should be utilizing it.

Side note: if the brands you love and trust and buy from are doing it… you may need to get up on that!

I always try to explain to folks why social media is important and relevant – sometimes it takes more “splainin” than others.  I am always AMAZED at the resistance I get. (Especially amazed when it is people I am trying to help market themselves online).

Reminds me of politics really.  One side is vehemently against SoMe (short for social media), and the other side swears by it.  Is there no middle ground?

In case you are wondering I am highly Democratic when it comes to business.  I embrace change, reject the status quo, am painfully honest, and say bye-bye to tradition.  (please note: this is not a reflection of my political stance otherwise so don’t get your panties in a wad)

I have my reasons for believing in SoMe.  And for also thinking that soon we will not call it social media.  Our kids will know it as the internet.  (Social media companies prepare.)


Search Is Becoming Social

With the emergence of Google+ it has never been more clear that SoMe influences search.  Your Google search is not only influenced by keywords and search engine algorithms, it’s becoming about what the people who you are connected with recommend or in this case “+1”.

note: if you have NO idea what I am talking about you need to get your tush over to Google+ and get started.  Here, circle me 

People Buy What They Trust

You don’t just run around giving your money away do you?  If you do, please find my address and send me some!

You pay for a product or service and you trust that you will be satisfied and that the product or service will fulfill whatever need you have.

Social media, done right, helps to build that trust.  When companies engage with their consumers, it creates trust.

It’s Traditional Word Of Mouth-But On Steroids

To the “resistance” I have to say, SoMe is nothing more than your favorite traditional marketing fav on steroids.  Ask any local business owner about word of mouth.  They will tell you that referrals make up over 50% of their business.  Minimum.

Think of SoMe as just your traditional word-of-mouth referral source, but on steroids.  The opportunities are endless!

Forget Local, Let’s Go Global

Love that through social media we can ALL have global businesses.  You are not longer confined to you geographic location.  If this kind of global impact is available to us through social media, then why not use it?

Unless of course you have something against growth and expansion. *Shrugs*, maybe you do.

Still don’t see the benefits?

Getting Social Has Never Been Easier!

Let’s grow together! You work hard at your biz, it’s time to reap some benefits.  And as you can see, going social comes with perks and is important.

Grow U Social Media Packages

Not for the faint at heart, but for the business ninjas that expand globally. You’ll love what we can accomplish together. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Get your social on Here.

And hey, let me show your inbox some love!


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