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Why Writing Emails Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Write

Okay other than headlines, sales copy, and your will…  and ironically, as important as writing emails is, many people don’t spend near as much time as they should with it.

Fall in love with email marketing

Getting people to sign up for your email is a tough job.  And the reality is, once they sign up, the real work begins. You now have to focus on writing emails that engage and convert.

Do you know how hard it is to hold someone’s attention now a days?

Just think about all the email lists you’ve signed up for, and then think about how many you still open, read, and engage with. Honestly, I can count 3 that I consistently interact with. Well, maybe 4, but you get my point.

Writing your email auto-responders and email copy is the most important thing you’ll ever write in biz.  And unless you pay attention to what you are doing and fall in love with email marketing, you may never grow your business through your list- which is a huge opportunity.

You have to make a decision that you will treat every opportunity to communicate with a potential buyer as just that.  Don’t waste your time, or theirs, regurgitating what you write on your blog.

Insert salesy pitch: I can help you write. Check out my services for this! I sometimes get this shit right-sometimes.

Back to schooling you…

If you give a mouse a cookie…

Remember this childhood book?  I do.  It was one of my favs.  But remember the mouse?  The more you gave him, the more he wanted.  We have to treat our email subscribers this way when we write emails.  I’ve even heard it said once we should treat them like dogs. (I personally don’t refer to my subscribers as dogs but the analogy works).

Reward positive behavior.  Give your readers “a cookie” to reward them for signing up (a freebie).  Then give them another cookie for opening your emails.  Point is: give them value!  And free stuff.  Or simply entertain them.  But you have to be really funny and likeable for this to work.

 Writing emails that convert and sale

Give, give, give, give, ask – Gary V.

The best way to ask for a sale is to give first, ask second.  You provide value, and lots of cookies 🙂 then you can ask, recommend, and sale.  Just because you have been given permission to market to the people on your email list doesn’t mean it’s time to bombard them with trashy, spammy emails.

It’s not “bombs away”.

As a matter of fact, it’s more about them than it is you.  It’s a funny thing, how this works really.  You give and you build trust, then you can ask and sell.  If you are not doing anything for your email subscribers, then what makes you think they will race out to buy what you are selling?

They won’t.

Selling online is tough.  And anyone who tells you anything different is either flat-out lying or has never sold a thing online.

Give, give, give… then ask.  A perfect way to sum up selling in a digital marketplace.

But What If I Don’t Even Have A List Angie?

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