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Women In Business: What It Takes To Run A Successful Online Business

Women are making waves online.  Are you one of them?  Women in business is becoming increasingly popular.

The emergence of blogging and social media has made it possible for women entrepreneurs and create new businesses doing exactly what they want to do.

Why?  Because women are naturally social.  Women love to connect, and women love to nurture.  And that is exactly what you need to create and grow an online business.

What does it take to run a successful online business?

It takes heart. First and foremost.

What are your motives?

  • connecting and socializing
  • being a resource and helping
  • making money online

If the third choice is you, then you may as well hang up your online business hat.  At least the hat where you will become famous for just simply being you and everyone will flock to your site and by your products.  (yeah that one, hang it up)
Of course no one minds making money, and you should be doing so if you have a blog or business online, but what about adding true value?

If you add true value then your products and services sell themselves and it becomes that much easier to become an online power influencer. (aka you will have Klout)

5 marketing must haves for online business owners

An email list

Email marketing is not dead.  It is essential to developing a business.  It is a great way to connect with your readers and build your client base.  The key is adding value.  Want value? Here’s your chance, sign up for free business and marketing insights+blogging and social media savvy right on the sidebar ——>

A blog

Whether starting a blog  is your business or you are starting one for your online business, it is an absolute must! A blog is where you connect, engage, and provide value for your readers.  It is also how you will establish your credibility and create authority.

A social media presence

Social influence is paramount in creating a name for yourself in the online realm.  It is the very reason why it is possible for anyone to create a business based on what they love and their expertise.  Get social.  Follow me on twitter and circle me on Google + for more great tips on getting social.

A network of like minded business professionals

This goes hand in hand with having a social media presence.  Building a network is of utmost importance.  One great way is to use groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.  You can invite people to your group and engage with them on a personal level.

A mission(what are you contributing to the world with this business?)

Without a mission, your business is not likely to make it very far or be very fulfilling.  Identifying what your mission is will enable you to establish your company culture and business philosophies and always keep you consistent.  Plus, good business is about giving back.

So there you have it, if you are a woman who is considering starting an online business or being a woman entreprenuer then now is the right time! Starting a blog is a great business for women.  Learn more about it here.

As always I would love to hear from you.  What do you think about women in business?  What business for women do you recommend? Are you a woman in business? Share your business with me in the comments below!


    • ajorda2

      Thanks Patricia as women in business we both know what it takes to create a successful online business but sometimes we forget that others are not as far along as we are and what we know is truly valuable (sort of like what you posted about today)!! Have a great week!

  • Lorii Abela

    I do agree with you, Angela. To really have a successful online business, it takes the heart. Because if you don’t love what you’re doing, how do you expect to last in this venture, right? And your list of must haves, I certainly do agree with all 5 of it.

    • ajorda2

      Yes Lorii, the road is not easy and sometimes all we have to run on is our passion for what we believe about our business and about ourselves. Keep rocking your biz Lorii! And thanks for dropping by!

  • Beth Ezidro

    Wow another awesome post. I blog because I love it and I love sharing with others. Maybe some day I can make it a business but I’m not to sure how 🙂 Thank you for sharing and have an awesome week!

    • ajorda2

      Beth you are in luck! I run into so many women who say this to me and I have been blogging so long that making money blogging comes easy to me. So I have decided to write a course about it. I am in the process of writing and have sooooooo much great info to share. I am laying it all out for everyone to get. Make sure you sign up for the email so you can be a part! xo

  • Sheila Hibbard

    Angela, I totally agree with the premise that for those women who have stood on the sidelines, they should seriously consider embracing the new technology and start running their own businesses. It is freeing.

    The added advantage is that women can express themselves in ways men can’t…they can extend their innate compassion and serve as excellent teachers for other ladies in the sisterhood.

    Hope many more join the club.

  • Kellie Leigh

    Love Jeff’s comment. I agree with you Angela. Women are naturally social beings and in the social media space that translates to a very strong business for those who are dedicated to putting in the time and energy to build strong relationships.

    • ajorda2

      Great point Kellie! It takes dedication of your time and energy to grow an online business! And building relationships are what women in business are great at doing!

  • Olga Hermans

    Awesome tips, I love the nurturing part. I think that is the best part of all, I love to connect with people on their blog. That’s why I am here; to see what you have to say and what I can use for my business! Thanks, great blog by the way; nice and fresh!!

  • Helena

    Awesome post Angie! You have hit the nail right on the head, that it is not about making money. That’s a nice side benefit but if you’re not in business to serve others than it doesn’t really work. I will be sharing this far and wide to get the message out!

    • ajorda2

      Thanks Helena! Money is nice, but you will always grow weary when that is the motive. It’s all about passion. Women in business need to have passion for what they are doing, it will make all the difference! xo

  • @AskPaulWoolley

    Nice Angie! Got me thinking a lot about how us gentlemen tend to be the logical/reasoning/rational left brained types while you motherly ladies tend to be the intuitive/feeling/caring/right brained or as you put it ‘naturally social’. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on exercising my right brain with the intent of better understanding my fiance, however the benefits so far have been much more! Thanks for this post!

    • ajorda2

      Thanks Paul! I think that is so sweet that you have taken the time to try and exercise that right brain of yours! I believe that it will help you in all of your relationships, even business. Thank you for dropping by! xo

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