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Seduce Your Readers, Write Better Blog Posts, And Other Tips That Will Make You Smarter

home page icon 3I bet you want to be smart don’t you?

Or maybe you’re reading because you want to learn to seduce your readers or write better blog posts?

I’m gonna show you how. But first

I long ago gave up wanting to be pretty, or popular, or even “the best”.

I now just want to be smart. OH, and funny. Pretty is for chumps. Smart is the new pretty… and funny is just, well, funny.

I also want people to read my blog posts, buy my services, and just flat-out like me. I bet you want those things too. Did you know that the way you write, much like the way you talk, makes a huge impact on people choosing to work with you, and even choosing to read what you write? 

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

This is why people will pay a shitload of money to copywriters who have the ability to seduce people with words. Because your words determine A LOT! Especially in the digital space. Because that’s all you have.

So now let’s get down to that making you smarter bit. Plus I’ll throw a few tips in about seducing your readers and how to write better blog posts.

Your headline is critical

The purpose of your headline is to get the first sentence of your blog post read. Better headlines equal more reads. The next time you are at the grocery store, take a moment to look at the magazines lining the racks where you check out. All of these headlines are competing for your attention. They are designed to get you to pick up the magazine. The secondary purpose of course is to get you to buy, but that can’t be accomplished without a great headline.

Read this article on Creating Great Headlines for more tips.

What’s the benefit

Show your reader’s the benefit right away.

I told you that if you read this post you will be smarter

People want to know what’s in it for them. Make a promise and then keep it. Tell them what you are going to do, or show them, and then follow through. People will continue to read.

Keep it simple

Writing is a conversation. If you want to use big, fancy, poetic words that you looked up in a thesaurus then write a poem. IF you want to write better blog posts, you have to keep it simple.

Most of your readers are not as smart as you think they are. (Unless they read this post, if so, then they are really smart).

Simple. Short and sweet(because online, short is sweet).

Focus on the reader

Seduction is not about showing a little more skin to get someone’s attention. Words seduce.

What words seduce?

Words that appeal to your reader. No, I don’t mean recite Shakespeare-like mumbo jumbo. I mean, the more you focus on your readers, and what it is they want, the more you will seduce them.

You will NEVER seduce anyone with words that are all about you.

Just imagine if you met a guy in a bar and all he talked about was himself… complete bore… But if he showed genuine interest, if he talked about you, if he found out what was important to you and what you wanted and then he gave it to you… oh man, you’d be in trouble.

But that’s the art of seduction.

Everything you write should be focused on them. Your readers. Focus on them, and you will seduce them, maybe even close the deal.


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